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Experience our beautiful apartments for an enjoyable and unforgettable holiday

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Experience natural beauty of South Greece and traditional culture

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Peaceful location. Fantastic touring base

Affordable price room for your family vacation ideally situated for touring the South Peloponnese

Our Apartments

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Are you looking for recreation far away from crowded places?
You don’t want to spend the most precious days of the year on loud and overcrowded beaches? Don’t you?
Are you looking for peaceful and beautiful scenery, for a crystal blue sea and a cloudless sky?
You have just found what you are looking for!

Our apartments lay 1 km away from the tiny fishermen village of Archangelos, in total  loneliness, in the middle of a beautiful nature. The only noise you can hear is the sound of the sea and the song of cicadas. Located on the eastern finger of Peloponnese, 28 km southwest from Monemvassia and 25 km north from Neapolis,  Archangelos has only few inhabitants. Far from the main tourist routes, the sea is still crystal clear. A peaceful holiday in one of the most beautiful parts of Greece is waiting for you!

Experience natural beauty of south Greece and traditional culture
Krinos Apartments

Archangelos, Lakonia

Hidden in a small bay, it is an excellent place for a quiet holiday. With lots of sunshine, breath -taking views of the surrounding deep blue sea, beautiful natural landscapes and welcoming people, this is the ideal setting for a relaxing holiday.

Our apartments

Experience our nice apartments for an enjoyable vacation.

Archangelos, Lakonia

A pitoresque fishermen village in the middle of a charming landscape


Golden sands or rocky landscapes, more lively or isolated. Enjoy the sun and the sea

Taste of Greece

They say to know a place is to taste its local cuisine. That’s what makes a journey truly unforgettable.

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History left its traces on this land. We have to admire and protect the legacy of nature and people.


Basic directions to reach us and plan your trip. Looking forward to meeting you

Our Apartments

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Contact us, check our map location, plan your trip, and enjoy your family vacation in the most beatiful way.

Krinos Apartments

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