Archangelos is a picturesque fishermen village in total loneliness, in the middle of a beautiful landscape. It has only few inhabitants and is located on the eastern finger of the Peloponnissos, 25 km southwest from Monemvasia and 25 km north from Neapolis. The village is located far away from the famous tourist routes and you can enjoy the sea and sun peacefully.

The village was founded in 1811 by Bishop Chrysanthos Pagonis, who bought this land from the Turks to to make shelters for the local fishermen.

Archangelos’ central position provides easy access to most of the important sights in the region, for day trips to Monemvasia, Neapoli, Elafonisos, the villages of the Asopos area, Molai and Gerakas. Fishing caiques  dock in the village port every night and keep the local restaurants well-supplied with fresh fish.